One of our recent adoptions by the wonderful Poucher family.


Joshua and Melissa sent us a lovely postcard with these two photos. Obviously, Beaux and Spirit are very happy in their new home.


Beaux and Spirit

Sampson aka "Sammy" came to live with Jennifer and Kent on February 6, 2005. He is a 3-year old boy who is as gentle and playful as any dog we've ever known.

He is slowly becoming less fearful of his new surroundings and our two red females are gradually warming up to their new brother.

We love him dearly and owe our good fortune to Alyce, the lady with a heart the size of Texas. We love you too, Alyce and thank you SO much!


The Story of Desi

Desi came to live with Bob and Sheryl on January 29, 2005. She is a 14-month little girl who is very gentle, loving, and energetic. Initially she was quite shy but over the past two months has really blossomed and become a member of our family.

Desi is a very smart little girl. Her understanding of certain words is uncanny. Mention "ride" and she runs to the garage door. Say "walk" and she begins dancing around ready to go. When Sher says "Daddy's coming home," Desi will run into the library and sit in the window watching for Dad.

Desi loves to ride in the car and has even taken a couple of trips to show her Aunt Alyce how she is doing. Desi also loves to ride in the boat. She has no fear of the water.

We both love the way Desi greets us, running to us with her big, toothy grin. We have never seen a dog who smiles this much.

Many thanks to Alyce for taking care of our little girl.


Emily loves running in the backyard, going on walks with us in the evenings, playing with her new friend, Guinness (the puppy), and sitting pretty with her hands over her head while she snores the night away on her orthopedic bed.

She loves outdoor time, but sits quietly while she gets her sunblock on. She gets baths when she needs them so she's always smelling her best. Emily is also fond of sitting on the front porch while we work in the garden, watching the cows across the way in the pasture intently. Her favorite treat is a rawhide chip, which she wags her nubbin of a tail and consequently her whole butt-end vigorously while she waits for it.

She enjoys playing tug of war with the puppy, not with us really, but those two could go at it all day without getting bored.