2010 - Version III

Thanks to the hard work of our Kennel Director, Willum Jobe, and to the generous donations we get via All Saints Bingo, we were able to upgrade the kennels once again and not only do they give the dogs much better shelter in the cold of winter where we have a system of propane heaters and vinyl covers but, they are extremely well built and hopefully will give us good service for a very long time.

We were also able to install a completely new drainage system as well as pour a concrete pad in between the two rows of kennels. The result is an enormous improvement.

Thank you, Willum


And here's a quote from Willum himself, I think it says what we all know and feel in our hearts..

"Dobie Haven would like to dedicate our new kennels to Alyce Frankie who founded this wonderful organization. She deserves all the recognition for her achievement. Alyce is no longer with us in body but her spirit will always be with us here at Dobie Haven."

Thank you, Alyce


APRIL 2005

I can only say that the angels started working overtime, and we were able to put in wonderful kennels for our furbabies. We are working on a visitation yard, and exercise yard now, sodding and seeding grass, and putting in seating areas.

The residents of Dobie Haven are happier, and cleaner, and safer now, and that is what it is all about.  

PRE 2005

When we first started Dobie Haven, we were throwing up temporary kennels weekly. We were using cattle panel for the kennels, and pavers for the flooring. We knew at some time we would have to put in permanent kennels, and had gotten bids on them, but money never seemed to be there.  Small rescues and especially breed specific rescues just don't receive donations as the bigger shelters do. 

When Animal Care and Services went to all the rescues and laid down some edicts regarding kenneling the dogs, and sanitary conditions needed, it became the push we needed to really do our permanent kennels. It would have broke our hearts to have to close down or cut down on our numbers.  Of course, we want to save every Doberman and give them a second chance at a safe, secure, and loving home.